Wednesday, 18 October 2017 08:10

European Sports Week

The school organised a soccer tournament for European sports week. The tournament was a brilliant success.

The 6th years were asked to choose two players from each year to make up a team. This meant each team had 12 players. There was 7 players starting on each time and every player had to feature in each game.  It was very good to see all of the students coming together and having fun playing sport. The matches were played on the field and in the hall. The prize for the winning team was an opportunity to play the teachers. The games were competitive and played in a good sporting manner. Eoin Marrinan and I had a much fancied team but a big upset came when Michéal Vaughan and Cillian Rouines team upset the odds to beat us in the final. They had the opportunity to get one over on the teachers. The game was a titanic battle that resulted in penalties. A controversial decision and a superb goalkeeping display from man of the match, Seán Murphy meant the teachers were victorious. It was a great tournament that was enjoyed by all.


Seán Rouine

6th Year