Monday, 19 February 2018 14:55

Lunch Conversation in German

As a language assistant I get to be part of the German classes by talking about German culture and traditions...

... which  provides an insight into our everyday life in Germany. From the first years to the leaving cert students, I try to talk as much German as possible to them and they can’t believe how much they are capable of understanding. Every day they get better.

 The leaving certs especially, who can meet me twice a week for lunchtime conversation are really improving their language skills. This is a great opportunity for them to practice their oral German and to prepare for the general conversation part of the upcoming oral exam also. We get to talk about weekend activities, sporting events, music and school life in Ireland (good craic included). We also go through the other oral exam topics. The students talk in small groups which helps overcoming their inhibitions when speaking in a foreign language . Their vocabulary is enriched by taking part in these conversations as well as their regular classes. I always look forward to the lunchtime conversations!


German Language Assistant