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Creative Engagement EP Launch March 28th

The ‘TY’s Launch their EP ‘Home on My Back ‘ On Wednesday March 28th.

The Launch takes place at 7pm in the Teach Ceoil Ennistymon with Special Guest and Collaborator Luka Bloom. 

Barry Moore aka Luka Bloom very kindly accepted an invitation to become the artist in residence for this year’s Creative Engagement programme.  A group of Transition year Students Niall Hegarty, Adam Daniels, Colm Collins, Patrick Sheridan, Aaron Mc Gannon Evan Flanagan, Eoin Rouine  & Ben Whelehan  worked the song writing project since October last in collaboration with Barry. The result, the composing of two fabulous original songs and a poem which appear on  the EP . The  recording took place in the school, and was recorded and mastered by local musician and past student Jon O'Connell


My experience working with the TYs in Ennistymon CBS was simply fantastic. Simply because they are a great group of young men.

Banjoes, Concertina, guitars, piano, a poet and a few guys willing to sing and write a few original songs.

Over a few months we learned to create some original songs, and the result is there for all to hear on the EP ‘Home on my Back’.

Thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience.

All I wanted to do was to show them what is possible, if they make a commitment to their talent.

Well done to the TYs

Luka Bloom

I jumped at the chance to participate in this unique opportunity with Luka Bloom, I along with a few other lads in TY were recommended as we were known musicians along with a few other hard workers willing to put in the work in the year.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it broadened my horizons to other forms of music and unorthodox arrangements I could do on the banjo.

Evan Flanagan


I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Barry Moore and my classmates creating a CD, I didn't anticipate it becoming such a large part of my contribution to the Transition Year program and I'm extremely thankful that I participated in this program

Aaron McGannon

During the T.Y creative Engagement course several students from T.Y got together for a workshop with Barry Moore. We talked about topics we wanted to explore and decided on the refugee crisis. We then combined all our respective talents to create a short CD consisting of 4 tracks. It was an amazing experience that I really enjoyed.

Adam Daniels


Working with Barry in our Creative Engagement classes was a real experience. Writing and working on a song with my classmates and seeing how something so small could turn into a major project was really special. Knowing that our work is for a good cause brought everyone together.

Colm Collins



For the TY creative engagement I got to be part of a group of very talented musicians. I got to experience just what goes into the making of a song from the first few chords to the lyrics and seeing how they are fused together. The song combines a catchy hook and a traditional twist.

Patrick Sheridan


During the Creative Engagement project, I bonded with a group of classmates, and not only discovered what we could do as individuals but what we could do as a group when we came together and put our mind to it. It wasn't just practicing, playing and singing, a lot of thought went into the composing and producing of the EP, that we were so lucky to have the help of Luka Bloom with. It was a great experience where I learned a lot of skills that will stand to me in the future.

Eoin Rouine


I really enjoyed the experience of working with Luka Bloom and my classmates on the creative engagement course. I learned to play guitar alongside traditional instruments which I had never done prior to the course. I had great fun with the lads both during practices and in the studio. It was an honour to work with such a great artist like Luka Bloom.

Ben Whelehan


“Usually when we play music, we play the tunes of the masters such as Willie Clancy and Chris Droney. However, this project gave us the chance to take part in the composing and producing side of music alongside a highly regarded singer- songwriter. I was very lucky to be part of such a project where I had the opportunity to collaborate musically with my classmates."

Niall Hegarty

"Transition years to the top of the Charts"

Our transitions years have just completed their creative engagement project for 2018.

A wonderful creative fusion of the creative genius of our special guest, the famous singer , songwriter Luka Bloom and the undoubted emerging talents of our transition year students. Through creative eight week workshop sessions, the students and Luka brought embryonic ideas of music, songs and poetry to the climax of a commercial cd entitled "Home on my Back". This symbiotic relationship was most rewarding for both our special guest Luka and the students.  Mile Buiochas to all involved.

John Galvin CBS Ennistymon Creative Engagement Coordinator.

The Creative Engagement programme  has been developed by and is supported by the Arts and Culture Committee of The National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) which is the professional association for second level school leaders in Ireland.

The Programme is co-funded by the Department of Arts Heritage and the Gaeltacht and the Department of Education and Skills.  Each year projects are produced in schools ranging from theatre and film through to sculpture and music.  A creative engagement happens when a local artist or arts group comes into the school and imparts their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the students.  This partnership has mutual benefits to both artist and school.


The Creative Engagement programme strives to encourage creativity, initiative and expression in our students and to complement curricular learning in the arts, heritage and culture.  NAPD envisions an education system energised through the arts and where creativity is a core activity in the post primary curriculum.  NAPD is continuing to develop a partnership with the National Heritage Council. Michael Parsons of the Arts and Culture Committee is a member of the National Heritage Council.

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