Friday, 30 August 2019 00:46

Reducing Single Use Plastics

As part of the Green Schools effort to decrease the amount of waste produced in the school and to protect our environment we have installed two filtered water supplies in the school.

The new chilled water dispenser in the lunch room will be used to refill the reusable water-bottles which have been ordered following research carried out by TY students last term. The “Cherub“ 800 ml aluminium bottle was selected, which has CBS Ennistymon printed on it and are colour coded for the different year groups.

The goal is to encourage all students and staff in the CBS to reduce the use of plastic disposable bottles for the coming year. We are aiming to phase out the use of single use plastics over the coming month and we are asking parents/guardians to support us by encouraging their sons to bring their reusable water bottle to school each day.

The Water Bottles are Available from the School, 10€ each