Thursday, 29 August 2019 19:59

Book Lists 2019 2020

The Book Lists for the First, Second & Fifth Year students.

The booklists can be downloaded and printed if necessary, by clicking on the links below.

All Junior Cycle Students have the option of participating in the School book retail Scheme. If your son is participating in the scheme, these books have been provided under this scheme. Workbooks are not included in the Book Retail Scheme and will have be purchased where required.

 We would appreciate the assistance of parents in maintaining the books. These lists will assist you in tracking which books you son has.  There is no need to purchase these books.

All Senior Cycle Students are required to purchase their own textbooks, workbooks and other equipment.  However we do urge students to cover  and maintain their books as they are very expensive, and a well maintained book may have a good resale value.

Download attachments: