Wednesday, 09 October 2019 16:19

Digital Ambassadors in the CBS

Ennistymon CBS introduced a Digital Ambassador scheme in the school in 2019.

The scheme involves selecting  2 or 3 students in each class group who have an interest in technology & IT and training them to help out with technology-related issues in the school.


The students have already been involved in many initiatives like helping set up digital overhead projectors to work wirelessly with teachers' digital tablets.


The school also purchased a trolley with  22 Microsoft Surface Go tablets last year which can be easily wheeled to any classroom in the school to effectively turn it into an instant computer room. The Digital Ambassadors have all been trained on the use of the trolley and Surface Go's and they now assist their teachers to set them up for each class.


The Digital Ambassador scheme will be expanded further in the 2019/2020 school year. Already, our Digital Ambassadors have had a training session with a representative of the Dept. of Education PDST team on the new Microsoft Teams software. This is a cloud-based management system to enable teachers to share resources and communicate online with their class groups. It is currently being rolled out in many schools throughout the country and all teachers in Ennistymon CBS have been trained on this.  The Digital Ambassadors will be assisting students and teachers to get the software set up for each class group.


The Digital Ambassador scheme is not only an enormous benefit to the school but, also, it teaches the students invaluable IT skills that will help them in their future careers.