Sunday, 20 October 2019 20:15

Climate Action Week

Climate Action week took place from October 14th to October 20th this year in our school. All students and teachers were involved in one way or another. They were asked one simple question – ‘What action will you take'?

Students from every year group made pledges for the week. These pledges included activities students carried out to reduce climate change but also to raise awareness of climate change. You can see some of the pledges made by students and teachers in the pictures attached to this article.

Some other activities performed this week included:

  • 3rd years went on a biodiversity walk around the school grounds identifying plants and animals in their habitat.
  • The 5th year agricultural science class spent a class mapping the habitat in our school, again highlighting the biodiversity on our school grounds.
  • All 2nd year classes of Digital Media Literacy completed a data analysis of the Climate over the last 30 years. These students worked in pairs to classify global climate and analyse the factors that influence the climate here in Ireland. Students used the following interactive link to view historical weather data of their local areas.
  • The Transition year Horticulture class participated in a biodiversity web activity in which they examined how all members of a given habitat interact based on their needs or what they provide to the habitat.
  • A second-year English class spent the week forming arguments for a debate based on the following statement; ‘It is up to us as individuals to target climate change’. This debate will be held over the coming weeks as students spend their time researching the topic and preparing their arguments.
  • The green-schools committee were very grateful to have Gerry Murphy from An Taisce visit our school on Friday for a talk based on procuring our second Green Flag for Energy.
  • Junior science students exhibited projects in the form of PowerPoint presentations to their class groups based on issues surrounding climate change and our environment.
  • The Leaving certificate agricultural science class held a discussion based on pollution that is generated in agriculture. They discussed the problems and solutions relating to this issue.
  • A slogan competition was held in the school and was open to all students. Students were required to come up with a Green code slogan for our school. The winners of the competition were two first year students – Charlie McCarthy and Cillian Mullins with their slogan ‘Save our Fuel and don’t be a fool, Switch to natural power because now is our darkest hour’. The students received brand new reusable bottles with the school logo on them. Congratulations to these two students. Congratulations also goes to our top ten entrants who received a pen with the school logo. Well done to all who got involved.

Thanks to all students, teachers and school staff involved in our Climate Action Week activities.