Monday, 18 November 2019 13:17

Climate Change - The Debate

This week we had our annual 1st year vs 2nd year debate in English class.

This coincided with science and geography week so we decided to debate the topic “It is up to us as individuals to tackle climate change”. Both teams have spent weeks preparing their arguments and showed great talents in public speaking and research with the more experienced second year team edging the win this time around.

Our 2nd year team, proposing the motion were: James Cloney (c), Cathal Flanagan, Mark Mounsey and Liam Murtagh

Our 1st year team, opposing the motion, were Sean Daniels (c), Jack Clarke, Dominic Griffin and Adam Copner.

Thanks to our judges Ms. Lyons, Ms. Kennedy and Ms O’Keeffe, our time keeper John Gilligan and Chairperson Ms. Griffey.