Sunday, 15 December 2019 21:26

Advent Mass

Ennistymon CBS celebrated Advent with a Mass in the Parish Church on Friday December 13th 2019

. A great welcome was provided by the folk choir and Fr Des as they sang out ‘All Are Welcome’ to all the students and staff.

The gifts presented during the offertory were symbols of where creativity shines in our school.  The gifts presented were fruit, a plant, photos of the school concert and culture day, the list of staff, a woodwork project and the bread and wine.

Fr Des Forde praised and encouraged both staff and students for their contributions to school and community life in Ennistymon. He highlighted the contributions students from the CBS made recently to the Team Hope Appeal.

Music was provided be Eoin Rouine, Byron Kenny, Tommy Noonan, Adam Daniels, Dara Rouine, Niall Hegarty , Candido Jimenez and Sean Queally. With the students of 1B providing the voices of the choir the Mass was a reminder to us all of how special this time of year is in the liturgical calendar.