Monday, 09 March 2020 15:28

CBS Virtual Classroom Opens

Ennistymon CBS has recently completed a pilot scheme with selected Leaving Cert class groups to move their regular classes to an online virtual classroom using Microsoft Teams.

This is in anticipation of the disruption the Covid-19 virus spread could potentially cause countrywide in the coming weeks/months if schools close for substantial periods. The first Leaving Cert online Maths class took place last Friday with Mr. Murphy's Leaving Cert maths class logging in from home instead of attending a physical classroom. Other school departments are starting online classes from this week also.


The Microsoft Teams virtual classroom replicates the real classroom in every way. The students see and hear the teacher on live video stream. They also see a virtual whiteboard on their screens and they see the teacher writing in real time. They can ask questions in the normal way using the mic on their own computer or they can type the question in a chat box if they wish. The whole lesson can be recorded so that the students can replay it if they wish in their own time. All notes on the whiteboard are also saved and they can also download these at the end.


In summary, the Microsoft Teams virtual classroom ensures that students get their courses completed no matter what disruption arises during the uncertain weeks/month ahead.