Monday, 12 October 2020 17:54

TY's Surf for Wellbeing...

Our TY class group went surfing for three consecutive Fridays as part of our wellbeing program.

The first week, the weather wasn't great, but you couldn't tell as soon as your got in the water! We learned about how to pop up onto the surfboard (to go from lying down to standing  up in one swift move). It was hard to do at first for some of us, but by the end of the session we mostly had the hang of it. The waves were huge, which were a plus!

 The second week, the weather was nicer, but the water was really calm so the waves were much smaller. However, we were still able to practice our pop-up technique on the few waves that did come in.

 The third week was ideal, as not only was the weather nice but we also had nice waves. However, some of the waves were a bit too big... For example, a wave knocked my board into my face while I wasn't looking and I got knocked under!

 All in all, it was a great thing to have done. It was nice to get out of the classroom and to mix with my year group. I would recommend surfing to any other TY group looking for something to do.