Wednesday, 04 November 2020 17:40

First Year Bonding Day

On the final day of school before the midterm break we held a bonding day for our new first year students.

COVID restrictions mean that we cannot travel further afield, and like many of us we have utilised hidden gems, which have been under our noses for years!

The first year class tutors Ms. Molloy & Ms. O’Brien organised a day of events starting with a walk and competitions in the Glen by the Falls Hotel.  The Transition Years who act as mentors to First years were also drafted in to lend a hand for the day.  Each of the mentors was responsible for a small group  of the first year students. They guided them through the day’s activities and competitions which were designed to promote teamwork  and develop friendships.  Colm one of the mentors commented on his learning experience “I learned a nice bit about leadership and how to mentor those younger than me.”

After a break for lunch with much appreciated hot chocolate, the groups got to play a series of team building games and basketball on the new AstroTurf pitch.  Overall it was a very successful and fun day for the students, mentors and teachers.