Monday, 09 November 2020 19:59

CBS Science Week - Primary Schools Outreach

The CBS Ennistymon invites you on a short journey of Scientific exploration with our science teachers with Mr. Sean Murphy,  Mr. Cathal McMahon & Ms. Louise Kennedy our science teachers.

Usually at this time of year we would invite some of the local primary school classes to join us in our science laboratory.  However, like so many other activates this also has fallen victim to COVID-19!  However there is a silver lining, schools that are further away can now join us for our Virtual Science Week

Biology Lesson

Firstly join Mr Murphy on a journey to discover how all species of life on Earth are related. Watch the video below and click the link below to go to the website Mr Murphy is using


Physics Lesson

 Mr Murphy then guides us through how to build an electric circuit using a simulation programme.

This link is used in the next two videos

Chemistry Lesson

Finally we learn how  to build an atom, however we don’t recommend splitting it at home!


Mr McMahon has provided us with a Virtual Microscope, a fully interactive 3D microscope. It’s a great tool to prepare you for working in our Science lab next year.  Firstly download the instructions at the end of this page and then click on the image below to open the Virtual Microscope


We have also some really great websites for you to try.   Why not explore the Solar System with NASA. Type in the keyword in the search box - e.g.  Sun, Moon, Earth

Use your mouse to move the objects and have some fun  Click Here to enter website


Check out the official Science Week website or blast off on a classroom adventure with ESB Science Blast

This is a really great and current activity, find out all about viruses (including Covid) with the Virus Explorer 

Also why not try the ECO Explorers Club...



Check Back  for Updates later in the Week...

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