Sunday, 15 November 2020 17:28

A Beginners Guide to Coding

Mr Sean Murphy for a number of years has been quietly pioneering teaching coding to our students as part of a lunchtime computer club.

Now in the CBS we have included Digital Literacy as one of the key tenets of our Wellbeing Programme.  Coding is one of the components of the digital literacy programme and is now provided to all students as a short course as part of Junior Cycle framework.

 Mr Murphy, who also teaches higher level Maths & Physics, brings considerable professional experience from industry where he worked as software engineer for a number of years.

Tom one of our third year students has  become quite a whizz kid on SCRATCH and you can play his game by clicking in the image below. (read the onscreen instructions!)

In the video below you can watch Tom describing how he developed the game


Mr Murphy has devised a series of graduated coding tutorials, using SCRATCH, click image below to open the link to the program.  Clicking the tutorials starts the videos.

Scratch Tutorial 1 – Getting Started

Scratch Tutorial 2 – Navigation Buttons

Scratch Tutorial 3 – Tracing Your Path

Scratch Tutorial 4 – Lose Lives

Scratch Tutorial 5 – Two Character Game

Scratch Tutorial 6 – Accept Input

Scratch Tutorial 7 – Quiz Game

Scratch Tutorial 8 – Lotto Game Part 1

Scratch Tutorial 9 -Lotto Game Part 2

Scratch Tutorial 10 – Blocks

Scratch Tutorial 11 – Blocks Part 2

Scratch – How to save your code