Wednesday, 02 December 2020 13:57

Futsal Education on the Astro

Over the last few weeks Denis Hynes, the FAI County Development Officer and past student, kindly completed a Futsal education session with every class from 1st year to 4th year on the new Astro Turf playing area 

The new facility was developed by the Ennistymon & District Sports Amenity Partnership  in partnership with the CBS.  It is huge asset to both the school and the local community.  It has brought a new lease of life  to 'The Yard' where generations of CBS Boys have played.  We would also like to acknowledge Clare Co Council and CLÁR for funding the project.

It is also an invaluable resource for the school;  used for all our Physical Education Classes and lunch breaks- due to staggered breaks we have twice as many breaks-  totalling almost 10 hours per week.


Denis took the opportunity to explain the  rules of Futsal on the Astro and then had some game time to embed the rules.  Futsal is ideally suited to the school environment as it can be played in outdoors  & indoors and it’s fast nature and rolling subs allows for playing time for all players. It is a tremendously fast and skilful game, and we hope that the education session will embed the rules and lead the development of the boys skills. The video below demonstrates the pinnacle of these skills.  Note the footwork and it is worth noting that the ball is heavier than a normal soccer ball.


Footballs star players explain to you why to play futsal


Futsal Rules

for the “ The Yard “


Kick Ins   -                  

  • Operate when the Ball hits the Steps or the Fence or Wall (it’s the same as going over a sideline on a Basketball Court)
  • Game restarts with a Kick In - 4 secs to take it - Opposition to be 1 m or 3 Steps from the Kick In .
  • Attacking Player cannot score directly from a Kick In


Player Behaviour

 No Sliding Tackles or No Shoulder Charging



If the Ball Hits the Fencing or Behind Goal from a  touch /block from Defender then Corners apply as Normal


Shooting at Goal

Attacking Team can only Score a Goal if they are Shooting from inside the Opponents Half .



Goalkeeper Must Roll or Throw the Ball Out


Re Starts

After a Goal is Scored - Game Restarts with a Kick Off from Centre Spot.


Game Formats

  • 5 a side ( Important to Keep to 5 a side to Develop the Futsal Habits )
  • 2 min Games or First to Score
  • No Team can stay on for 3 Games in A Row
  • Goalkeepers - To Rotate after every Goal or After Every Game





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