Tuesday, 12 January 2021 17:06

Guidelines For Remote Learning and Teaching

Following the recent rise in COVID-19 infections unfortunately schools are now again working in the virtual classroom.

The Principal Mrs Lyons held a series Zoom meetings with parents/ guardians of all year groups to outline the Guidelines for Learning and Teaching.  The presentation from this meeting is attached as well as a guide on how to submit assignments by photograph to OneNote.

Also attached are two documents from the Department of Education and Skills. The first outlines the changes to the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate examinations in June 2021. The second how the coursework component of these examinations take account of COVID-19 related absences and closures.

Microsoft also has a web page which outlines for parents/ guardians the primary features of Office 365 for Education which you can view by clicking here.  

On Thursday January 24 Microsoft are hosting a useful resource for parents/ guardians to support their students’ remote learning. The event is an hour in duration starting at 17:45. You can register by clicking here

Below are useful links to the Microsoft website on how to use Teams 

Get started in your class team

Get organized in your class team

Meetings, chats, and posts in class teams

Share and organize class team files

Assignments and grades in your class team

Using Class Notebook in Teams