Saturday, 20 February 2021 17:04

Whole School Wellbeing Day - February 10th

To ensure a healthy balance between work and play in the students’ lives at Ennistymon CBS, the Wellbeing Team organised a hugely successful ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ the week before mid-term break.

Regular academic Microsoft TEAM classes finished at 11.00 am and all students and teachers were offered a wide range of virtual classes which included Origami, Cooking, Yoga, Pet Circle, Meditation, Photography, Open Mic, Workout and Crafts and Cards. Any student from any class could join the workshops so this guaranteed great varieties of ages and year groups in the classes.

In the Origami class students developed their skills in learning how to make three different kinds of paper aeroplanes. This was a popular class among our first- and second-year cohort who produced some lovely functioning aircraft!

Students had the opportunity to join one or two cookery classes. The first cookery class involved a demonstration on how to make chocolate brownies and the second was on how to make healthy energy balls. Both classes proved popular among all year groups and judging by the pictures sent in new skills, were developed and perfected.

Pet Circle was another very popular class which was very well attended by students and their pets. There were sheep, lambs, cows, calves, dogs, puppies, hens and rabbits. Students spoke proudly about how they care for their precious pets.

In the photography class students were introduced the fundamentals of photography and features found in mobile phone software. Students demonstrated an appetite for getting the maximum from their camera as well as learning the elements of an excellent photograph. This class was a big hit and is an idea for a lunchtime club when the school reopens.

Open Mic attracted the many musicians and singers of the school as well as those who enjoy an uplifting tune. Here students were given the opportunity to express themselves through music and songs. A wide variety of ages joined in mixed with lots of instruments and the result was a highly entertaining hour for everyone.

In the Craft and Cards class students were instructed on how to make colourful creative homemade cards on a budget. A demonstration was also given on how to make bookmarks.

The Meditation class gave the pupils an opportunity to learn and practice some simple meditation and breathing techniques which will be of great benefit in supporting a positive emotional wellbeing.

Yoga was another popular class among a range of year groups. Here students practiced Hatha yoga while focusing on breathing and relaxation techniques and gentle stretches.

In the Workout class the instructors delivered a class with a difference. They took the traditional movements that students were familiar with from GAA practice and fused them into an introduction to CrossFit.

In the afternoon students were given the option to walk 5km, run 5km or cycle 12km. All their times were submitted to the Strava app which was set up to record and clock up the kilometres.

Feedback from all the classes was positive and many who participated virtually felt it was a great opportunity for students to meet up, broaden their hobbies and experience a sense of normality in these strange times.

A big thank you to all the teachers involved organising the event and workshops