Friday, 04 June 2021 21:51

CBS Azzurri Shop Reopens

The CBS Ennistymon Azzuri Shop is now open for orders until Friday 25th June 2021


As part of our COVID-19 response this year, students have been permitted to wear a CBS Half Zip Top with a black tracksuit pants into school on the days they are timetabled for PE instead of the standard uniform.  We are continuing this arrangement for the coming school Year 2021/22.

Consequently, it will be compulsory for all students to wear the CBS Half Zip Top and black tracksuit pants on PE days.  Azzurri can also supply a branded black tracksuit pants if you don’t have one.

Some Students already have a CBS half zip from previous TY mini companies and therefore do not need to purchase an additional half zip.

As the items are custom orders, the CBS Azzurri online shop can only remain open for a limited time period until June 25th so that production can commence. Delivery will be directly to each customer.

It important to point out that only the Half Zip is compulsory to purchase. The other items are being offered by Azzurri and there is absolutely no compulsion to purchase the other products.

There are sample half zips in the school office that your son can use to facilitate sizing.  The half zip is large fitting, many of last year’s first years got age 10/11 or XS size.

Please note that the half zips and skinnies are made-to-order personalized products that cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Please click on the links to go to the Online Shop.