Friday, 26 February 2021 13:42

Return to School Parental Declaration Form- Easter 2021

In line with Government guidelines and the School’s Covid Response Plan Parents now must complete the attached declaration in advance of your son(s) returning to school.

This form is to be used when your son is returning to school after any absence.

Please Click on the Class below and complete the form.


Class 1A

Class 1B

Class 2A

Class 2B

Class 3A

Class 3B

Class 4A

Class 4B

Class 5A

Class 5B

Class 6A

Class 6B




It is recommended before completing, you bookmark the form in your phone's browser to ensure ease of access to the form for future use.

A PDF version is attached, however the schools preference is for the form to be returned electronically.


Download attachments: