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Message for Post-Primary Students from President Michael D. Higgins
As we come to the end of a difficult and unprecedented school year may I thank our secondary school students for the courageous and generous role that they, with others, have played in our ongoing struggle with Coronavirus.
Recent times have taken a significant toll on so many citizens, in so many ways. I offer my sympathy to all those students who have lost loved ones to Covid 19. For you, this has been a particularly unhappy and distressing time. I am also aware that many others amongst you are coming out of a period during which you have been greatly concerned, in particular, for your vulnerable family members. For you too this has been a period of worry and sadness.
For all students the Coronavirus pandemic has been a testing time. It has called for a profound spirit of endurance and shared humanity as you were called upon to play your part in helping to mitigate the risks presented to us all as a society by Covid 19.
The necessary closing of our schools following the Christmas break, the complexities of online learning, the need for social distancing on returning to the classroom and the uncertainty around state exams are just some of the additional to the normal challenges you have been obliged to face in recent months.
I am well aware too that you have also been required to forego so many of the annual events and rituals that are part of school life – the sports days and matches, the concerts and plays, the tours and end of term celebrations that are all part of the reassuring rhythm of the school year.

Your co-operation and patience throughout this difficult time has been greatly impressive and greatly encouraging to us all to witness. You, more than any other recent generation of school students, have been called on to urgently, demonstrate, and in a way that demands a practical generosity, the necessary qualities that lie at the heart of good citizenship. You have been asked to walk in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable and at risk, to make enormous sacrifices for the greater good, and to be flexible, resilient and empathetic as you go about your day to day lives. It is a call you have answered with good will, grace and profound kindness. Traoslaím libh.
Although this has been a challenging year, I am confident it has also been a year during which you will have developed many of the skills that will mark you out as strong and ethical citizens of the future. I have no doubt you have learnt that citizenship is a reciprocal relationship, bringing with it rights and entitlements but also a duty of care and consideration for those with whom we share our communities and our society,
and that balancing individual rights against the needs and concerns of others leads to generous decision making and the compassionate compromise so often needed. You will have had the experience of putting into practice values we can never let go, that will always inspire – care, kindness, compassion, solidarity.
Some of you are entering the final days of your school career and will shortly go out into the world to follow your personal pathways in life. Others of you may be returning to school in September to carry on with your secondary school journey. As we proceed, together, towards a better and safer future it is my great hope that you all of you will continue to live by the important values you have demonstrated so impressively in recent months.
They are values that I am greatly optimistic will be what define your generation, one that has already proven it has so much of worth to offer Irish society, and which holds so much potential to play a significant part in the crafting of a post pandemic
Ireland - one that is just, inclusive and ethical in its structure.

As President of Ireland, and on behalf of your fellow citizens, may I express my gratitude to you, our secondary school students, all of you, for all you have done to help keep us safe throughout this pandemic. I wish each and every one of you every success in all of your future endeavours.


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Message for Leaving Certificate Students and their Parents from Dr Tony Holohan.

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Friday, 26 February 2021 15:27

Letter to Parents From Dr Ronan Glynn DCMO

Please see below a letter from Dr Ronan Glynn, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

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In line with Government guidelines and the School’s Covid Response Plan Parents now must complete the attached declaration in advance of your son(s) returning to school.

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On Wednesday February 24 Minister Norma Foley TD wrote to all parents and Guardians outlining key dates and other important advice for the forthcoming return to school.

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Thursday, 18 February 2021 14:11

Examinations 2021

Minister Foley confirms Leaving Certificate 2021 written, coursework, oral and practical performance examinations will be held and a corresponding process of grades accredited by State Examinations Commission will be available to students

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Tuesday, 09 February 2021 15:17

Spring Newsletter

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

Small signs of Spring are evident around the school as we approach the Mid-Term break. The yellow Crocuses planted to commemorate the Holocaust are flowering, the pitch looks ready for its first cut and birds can be heard singing outside the office window these mornings. What is sadly missing is the sound of the students as they continue to learn from home.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 17:06

Guidelines For Remote Learning and Teaching

Following the recent rise in COVID-19 infections unfortunately schools are now again working in the virtual classroom.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020 09:42

Letter to School Community from Dr Tony Holohan

Dr Holohan, the Chief Medical Officer, has written a letter to the school community with regard to transmission of COVID-19. 

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Monday, 12 October 2020 17:54

TY's Surf for Wellbeing...

Our TY class group went surfing for three consecutive Fridays as part of our wellbeing program.

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